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Review of the Year

Posted by Mike Warburton Photography on December 31, 2012 at 3:15 AM

Its New Years Eve so I thought I would blog my review of 2012 from my own personal point as a Photographer.


From the Wildlife side I have added several species to my portfolio through the help of various friends.One of the more memorable sessions I had was with some Red Squirrels on Anglesey back in July.Beautiful mammals and an absolute pleasure to shoot.As I was on a family holiday in North Wales at the time I had no time to look for them myself.My shots would not have been possible without the help of the members of The Red Squirrel Trust Wales,so a big thank you to them.

Another species I have wanted to shoot was Little Owls.I met a guy on Skomer last year and we have kept in contact and have worked together throughout this year on various projects.I helped him by sharing what I have learned over the past 20 years as a Wildlife Photographer and he has helped me by getting sites through his contacts with landowners.This `arrangement` has worked very well for both of us and we will be continuing to work together through 2013 and hopefully beyond.We now have a private site for both Little and Barn Owls that we hope to develop as workshops open to other photographers.Cheers mate ;)

Whinchats were also on my `Most Wanted` list and through some regular observations I managed to find a site whereby a pair of these upland Birds fledged 5 young.The sessions I had with them on that cold wet moor were some of my more memorable.

Regularly known as the most beautiful bird in Britain,Kingfishers were also a high priority for 2012.I managed a few shots in God awful light and conditions of a pair on the Sirhowy River earlier in the year.My best of this species by far came just yesterday where a stunning male continued to pose and perform for us and the shots are in the Waders/Waterbirds Gallery.

Some species that I have worked on this year continued to elude me.None more so than Otters.Although I have been to plenty of sites and found signs of them I still managed no pics.Inland river Otters are largely nocturnal and have massive territories so you usually stumble across them.Hopefully 2013 will bring a lot of stumbling!

Only 2 Rallys this year meant very limited pics in the way of Motorsports but my most memorable was on this years Tour of Epynt.It was a stunning day and I positioned myself at a set of jumps that I hadnt shot at for more than 20 years.I had some great images of cars coming over the jumps head on in relative safety (no-where is safe at Motorsports events) as I was shootng at 500mm.The cars had long turned off before they got anywhere near me but it still caused a bit of a stink amongst the other Photographers there thinking I took them from the middle of the road lol.

Havent done much Landscape Photography this year either and most have been whilst on Wildlife shoots.My best work in this field in 2012 in my opinion was some images I got of Llyn Gwynant,Snowdonia.I had bought a wide angle lens off a fellow Photographer and friend and wanted to replicate a sunrise shot of the lake I took back in 2011.In that shot I had nothing wide enough to get the rising Sun in the frame so with the help of the 10mm focal length this time I did.The resulting image is in the Landscapes Gallery.


I have never seen myself as a Teacher/Tutor before but 2012 has seen me do just that.Through different ways I have been asked tips and advice from various Photographers on how I get my Wildlife shots.One of the ways I have taught is through the Mossy Log Woodland Hide that I run along with my mate Andy.Photographers can book a session with either of us and if needed we will teach the art of Bird Photography and how to get the best out of their Camera gear.I was surprised just how rewarding it can be seeing the improvements in their images just by having one session with us and hopefully will continue to help in 2013.


So thats it,a brief review of my year as a Photographer!

Hopefully next Year I will have more images to share with you from some new projects in the pipeline and you will continue to drop by.




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