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Landscape Workshops

The Landscape Workshops I offer are unique in the fact that you decide the location and subject matter rather than me.If you wish to visit any of the locations in my landscape gallery or wish to learn a particular technique such as Blurred Waterfalls,Panoramics,HDR etc then I will cater to your wishes.Please let me know.

Prices are £80 per 4 hour session (Weekends only and including fuel costs) and I will do a discount for 2 Photographers together.The session starts when we reach your chosen destination and not when you get picked up.


Woodland Bird Hide

The Woodland Bird Hide I have for hire is located on a private site and is available to hire for up to 2 Photographers.Through the Winter we have species such as Brambling,Jays, Great Spotted Woodpeckers etc and through the Summer we have Redstart,and both Spotted and Pied Flycatcher along with the more common species of Bird.

Prices are £60 per four hour session (weekends only) although there is a discount for 2 Photographers at £100 for both.The session starts when you get to the hide.


Upland Bird Safari

The Upland Bird Safari is available from late March through to August where you will be shooting from a vehicle (1 Photographer only) along a private Moorland Road and dis-used Quarry Complex.The species I have shot with this method have been Skylark,Wheatear,Peregrine,Ring Ouzel and Little Ringed Plover along with more common species.

Prices are £80 per four hour session (including fuel costs,weekends only).

All of the above services include tuition on getting the very best out of your equipment with tips on composition and camera settings.

Lens hire is available at cost (Canon only) for those wishing to try the above Photography Techniques to see if it is right for them before buying the relevant equipment.

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